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Chadwell St Mary Primary School

Chadwell St Mary Primary School

A very warm welcome...

Nurturing growth and ambition through inspirational learning.

A very warm welcome...

Nurturing growth and ambition through inspirational learning.

School Gardening and Wildlife Area

Chadwell St. Mary Primary is proud to be working with the Royal Horticultural Society on the construction and maintainence of our school garden. The aim of our gardening and wildlife project is to introduce and develop the skills of horticulture. 

Currently our facilities include a garden area complete with raised beds for the plantation of fruits and vegetables, a pond area and a wildlife area.

As a partner school we also host twilight sessions for other schools who are considering creating or enhancing their school gardens.

Thurrock in Bloom 2015 By Jare and Karis


The trophies belong to us yet again, all but one... We won 75% of the school awards. We worked extremely hard to achieve and receive the awards from Thurrock in Bloom. We cannot congratulate ourselves but Mrs Sullivan for making these achievements possible. The three of us were on the edge of our seats as we realised we had won the first award- Best Allotment Garden. A certain one of us crossed his fingers, arms, legs and even his eyes! I think Karis was a bit too excited; when we won our second award (Best School Wildlife Garden) she raised her arms and shouted 'YES!' Chelsea was crossing her fingers and yelling, 'Come on!' Our final award was for 'School and Young People'. We even met the new mayor of Thurrock at the Thameside theatre. We will remember this night while we are on our journey to secondary school and will never forget what Mrs Sullivan has done for us.

Twilight session pictures:

Each class has been assigned a raised bed in which they are growing fruit or vegetables from a particular family of plants. 

Reception - The tomato family.
Year 1      - The cucumber family.
Year 2      - The legume family
Year 3      - The beetroot family.
Year 4      - The cabbage family.
Year 5      - The carrot family.
Year 6      - The onion family.

Below you will find pictures and information about what each class has been achieving in the school garden.


Year 1

In Year 1 we have prepared our bed with soil ready to plant our squash at the end of the spring term. We have also looked at the tools we use in the garden and how to use them safely. 

Year 2

In our first outdoor garden session we prepared our raised bed and planted broad beans. Shortly after that we planted some broad beans in class so that we could compare the growth rate of the two plantations. We found that growing plants indoors makes the plants grow more quickly than outside.

After our incubated broad beans were ready to be planted in our raised bed, we took them outside and have planted them next to our other beans. 

Our second type of legume is mangetout. We planted the beans in guttering so that we could incubate their growth indoors. They have now been planted in our raised bed alongside our broad beans.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

In Year 5 we are the carrot family. So far we have prepared our allotment patch ready to sow the seeds in Spring. We have also chosen the different types of carrot that we will be planting. Our aim is to look and the growth, the end result and the taste variations in all of the carrots that we grow. These include button carrots and black carrots. We have also been practicing our skills of sowing seeds by planting our own sweet pea flowers which are now housed in the poly tunnel. 


Year 6