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Chadwell St Mary Primary School

Chadwell St Mary Primary School

A very warm welcome...

Nurturing growth and ambition through inspirational learning.

A very warm welcome...

Nurturing growth and ambition through inspirational learning.


Chadwell St. Mary Primary Curriculum 2018-2019

Since September 2015 we have been using the Cornerstones Interactive Learning Projects scheme of work in order to build a group of well-rounded individuals who love to learn in exciting and dynamic ways.


Each half-term we engage our children with a new and exciting topic, develop their ideas and understanding, allow them to innovate with their new skills and express their ideas using all of their creativity.


Above is a summary of what each Year Group will be learning about during each half-term. You will find information about their topic, the books they will be reading, the phenomena they will be investigating - as well as information about what they will be studying in each of the foundation subjects during that time. 


Science is a key focus in our school and we place a high priority on children's investigative skills and experiences. In the current year children have made blood, investigated the effect of different substances on tooth enamel and studied human development.


Ensuring children are exposed to high-quality literature is key to improving vocabulary and writing as well as developing a love for reading that will stay with children for life. We have invested heavily in classic literature which supplements and adds to the curriculum themes. 


Home learning ties in with the curriculum in school- the details for this can be found in the 'children's' section of the website.

November 2017


The children took part in a Roots to Food day, which involved interactive cooking workshops where children learnt about food, cooking and the importance of healthy eating.  The teachers even got involved in a cook off with a team of children.  Look at all of our fantastic learning below. 


Alan Gibbons, esteemed author of children's and now adult's fiction came and worked with children in school and with staff after school. Once again the writing, linked to our curriculum themes was very high quality and the children were inspired to use adventurous vocabulary and write at length.


Cezar Year 2

It was falling, spinning out of a calm, azure sky. Soon it landed, sizzling on my leg. Before long, there was a thick blizzard of these grey flakes.

Dara Year 5

So in we went. The darkness closed us in like a black wing, squeezing us. Soon after, the train shuddered into motion, rattling and hissing while the wheels clanked on the track. It was at that moment that a sinister silhouette marked itself on the edge of the wall.

Mrs Rowley

Row after row, wave after wave, men kept coming, never stopping to think of the consequences; backlit by a stark empty sky, devoid of any bird, but framed by a solitary hill. Hearts in mouths but guns at the ready, they surged forwards like one amorphous body, one mind, a single idea.

Mr Miles

Where there was faith, there was hope. A feeling so strong it could bless even the most distressed souls a sense of purpose in such an unforgiving and perplexing war. The husbands, the brothers, the sons, now grounded in valour, gripped the blood drenched rope as they began their ascension to hell on Earth.