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Chadwell St Mary Primary School

Chadwell St Mary Primary School

A very warm welcome...

Welcome to the official school website of Chadwell St. Mary Primary, a member of SWECET.

A very warm welcome...

Welcome to the official school website of Chadwell St. Mary Primary, a member of SWECET.

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


We are taught by Miss Clark and helped to learn by Mr. Kitchener.

The school day in Year 4


In year 4 we are independent learners with a positive attitude towards our learning. We uphold the core values of self-responsibility, safety, perseverance and equality and take pride in our work. The culture for learning in Year 4 is set out in the ‘Chadwell Learning Charter’. This is applied on a daily basis and sets out expectations for pupils and the class teacher that will secure high expectations and strong outcomes for all pupils.


Morning work

Our morning tasks throughout the week are focussed on the basic skills in Mathematics and English. (Taken from the Age Related Expectations in Year 4) We have Science related tasks to complete and also use the time to respond to the next step marking which is linked to our targets.

The core curriculum – Mathematics, English, Guided Reading and Science.



In Maths, we follow the National Curriculum programme of study. We know the importance of becoming ‘fluent’ in the fundamentals of Mathematics and have been working hard to recall and apply our knowledge to solve problems in Maths lessons and in other areas of the curriculum. We are also provided with opportunities to develop our reasoning skills and to solve real-life problems. We enjoy our practical Maths lessons as well as using the mathematical resources to help us consolidate and deepen our knowledge and understanding.


In English, we follow the National Curriculum programme of study through a cross-curricular and creative approach using the Cornerstones curriculum. Each half term we use a key text (from the love to read selection) which helps us to engage with our learning and write creatively. So far we have studied a range of genres including: diary writing, instructions, informal letters, Kennings poetry, shape poetry, newspaper recounts, descriptive writing and stories with a dilemma. We even wrote a story about a magic potion with the author Alan Gibbons! We have opportunities to write at length and apply our writing skills across the curriculum.


In Guided Reading, we read a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books. We have been learning to use evidence from the text to make inferences and using non-fiction texts to retrieve information. We have even performed poetry focussing on tone, volume and actions. Each week as part of our reading activities, we research a different author so that we can talk widely about their backgrounds and give information about the type of literature they produce. So far this year, we have researched the current Children's Laureate Chris Riddell, Michael Morpurgo and the poet Michael Rosen.

Examples of our writing

In addition to this, we have an English basic skills lesson in Year 4. This is focussed on the Age Related Expectations for grammar, handwriting and spelling. The basic skills are then applied in our independent writing in English and other areas of the curriculum.


As part of the new Science curriculum at Chadwell St Mary Primary School, we have been learning to ‘work scientifically’ by completing different investigations linked to our topics. We have investigated the viscosity of different liquids and measured the temperature of different liquids. We are provided with opportunities to set up practical investigations and analyse our results independently. We set up the following investigations: ‘Which drinks are best for our teeth?’ and ‘How does toothpaste protect your teeth?’ In addition to this, we have set up practical activities to explore how many teeth in the human mouth and we even made the human digestive system to help us with our creative writing! We have opportunities to use our ICT and reading skills for independent research too. We enjoy our practical and real-life science lessons.

Measuring and recording the temperature of different liquids.

Outdoor learning in Science

Science Investigation 'Which drinks are best for our teeth?'

Identifying the amount of teeth in the human mouth.

Making the human digestive system!

Science investigation 'How does toothpaste protect your teeth?'

Curriculum and foundation subjects in Year 4

We have been using the Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Projects to help us learn in exciting ways! We have studied Potions, 1066, Burps, Bottoms and Bile and we are currently learning about the Romans through the project I am Warrior. We have been able to deepen our learning through home learning activities which are planned across the curriculum. Please take a look at the photograph gallery which showcases our learning in a variety of exciting and dynamic ways.

Educational visits

We have been able to develop our knowledge about solids, liquids and gases by participating in a ‘Slime time’ workshop delivered by the Science Museum. We have also visited Bodiam castle as part of learning about 1066. We were also provided with an exciting opportunity to visit the Royal Opera House to watch the Royal Ballet ‘Rhapsody’ and ‘The Two Pigeons’ as part of the Thurrock Trailblazer project.

'Slime time' Science workshop delivered by the Science Museum.

Bodiam Castle 1066 Imaginative Learning Project

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